About Us

Celebrating 30 Years of the CI Fellows

The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows is a group of professionals who have been recognized by their peers for leadership in the discipline of competitive intelligence, and who are steadfast in their support of the advancement of the discipline. To this end, the mission of the Council is to sustain and foster the discipline of CI in two fundamental ways:

1. In Service to the CI Profession, the Fellows serve as Ambassadors and Champions, and lead in representing the value proposition of CI to executives and leaders in a range of organizations within public, private and not-for profit enterprises, and

2. In Service to the CI Professional, the Fellows serve as Mentors and Educators, and provide thought leadership to the CI community.

As a group, Competitive Intelligence Fellows have taken various forms over the past two decades. Competitive Intelligence Fellows began as an honorary group as a part of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). Today, the Council is an independent non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to advancing sound, ethical, and innovative intelligence practices through education. Through our own initiatives and with partners, we offer education, guidance, and resources to help competitive and related intelligence practitioners and intelligence consumers gather, generate, and use intelligence to boost competitiveness.

Competitive, strategic, technical and other related intelligence practitioners may be nominated to become a Fellow through our annual selections process. Nominations may be made through our open call. Nominees who meet our criteria for service to the profession and its practice are selected each summer and inducted each October.