The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows is committed to our educational mission and the advancement of CI and related disciplines and practices. A nominee for CI Fellowship shares our values, principles and behaviors, including, but not limited to:

  • Is willing, able, and has a strong desire to continue to support the discipline of competitive intelligence.
  • Has advanced, nurtured, and promoted the intelligence discipline.
  • Has contributed to intelligence knowledge through original research, publication, and/or presentations.
  • Has applied new intelligence knowledge in practical and valuable ways.
  • Is viewed as a valuable source of intelligence expertise and experience by others in the field.
  • Demonstrates the ability to collaborate successfully and consistently.
  • Candidate is an active participant in the competitive intelligence discipline for five years or more.
  • Candidate shares our ethical commitment and demonstrates a consistent history of practicing intelligence in an ethical manner.
  • Candidate must demonstrate or exhibit the core principles of the Council, including those stated in our mission and has not engaged in efforts that could diminish, weaken or otherwise harm the Council, its mission, the overall CI discipline, or those being served.
  • Candidate has an individual willing to nominate the candidate and to submit a complete nomination package with supporting materials by the nomination deadline.
  • Candidate has two other individuals to serve as Endorsers who agree to personally attest (in writing) to the importance of the candidate’s contribution to the CI discipline.

Nominating a Candidate

Competitive, strategic, technical and other related intelligence practitioners may be nominated to become a CI Fellow through our annual selections process. Nominations may be made through our open call, announced on this website and through social media. Nominees who meet our criteria for service to the profession and its practice are selected each summer and inducted each October.

Nominators must accurately complete the nomination form (active during the nomination period) AND submit the following to the Council’s Selections Committee:

PART 1: Candidate’s Materials. These materials should be completed by the Candidate and supplied to the Nominator for submission.

CI Career Summary (e.g. CV, resume), including the following:

  • Organization positions, time period (years/months) in the CI profession
  • Type(s) of Career CI Work / Projects
  • List of recent presentations, speeches or articles completed
  • List of accomplishments and recognition for CI excellence

2. Candidate’s Statement: Please respond to the following…

  • Excluding commercial activities, how have you demonstrated significant CI contributions that provide benefits to individual practices and to the wider CI practice community?
  • How, as a CI Fellow, would you continue to actively and consistently contribute to the Council’s mission, the intelligence body of knowledge, and to the practice of competitive intelligence?
  • Excluding commercial activities, how have you demonstrated collegiality and collaboration in advancing the CI discipline and it practices?

3. Candidate’s Verification: Please provide a signed and dated attestation of your willingness to be considered for CI Fellowship and that your submission is accurate, valid, and current.

PART 2: Nominator’s Materials. These materials should be completed by the Nominator.

  1. CI Fellow Qualifications Summary (2000 words maximum.  Please be as brief and relevant as possible.). The Nominator’s written comments supporting the nomination should include the Candidate’s contributions to the CI profession during the past 5 years in the 4 areas of the Council’s mission.
  • Ambassadors & Champions – Fellows lead in representing the value proposition to CI executives and leaders, as well as advocate for the use of sound and ethical competitive intelligence practices and resources.  (Represent CI value to others, Advocate ethical CI practices)
  • Mentors & Educators – Fellows serve as a broad and experienced knowledge base to the CI community, provide thought leadership towards the continuous development of CI practices and tools, and contribute guidance in a range specialized areas of practice and industries.  (Use experience to coach others; thought leadership for developing CI practices and tools)

2. Endorsements. Please submit two (2) letters of endorsements (1000 words maximum.) 

Endorsers may include how they know the Nominee, the candidate’s work, and contributions. If applicable, tell us in what capacities the endorsers have observed and worked with the individual, and for how long. [Note: Endorsers do NOT need to have worked with or have a professional relationship with a Nominee in order to submit a nomination.]

Conflict of Interest Notice: 

To honor our emphasis on ethical practices, the Selections Committee does not consider nominations with potential conflicts of interest. Anyone who is a Board member or director of an association, institute, or affiliate in the CI or related field that collects membership dues or other revenue for its commercial interest is ineligible for nomination. Once this person no longer serves in this leadership position, the individual may be eligible.