The CI Summit: 2022

Foresight Now: Harness the Future.

September 14-15, 2022

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Why Foresight Now?

More than ever, organizations and leaders understand the value of foresight to support timely and sound decision-making, planning, and implementation, but what is the state of foresight today? Where are we headed in how we generate, practice, and apply foresight?   

The events of the last few years have expanded foresight practices and users, but even long-time practitioners of foresight tools and methods understand that the environments for foresight practices and applications have shifted. Practitioners and users of intelligence, foresight, and strategy are asking: What can we do now to harness and hone our craft, tools, and insights more effectively? How can we better understand how to minimize our risk and gain better competitive advantage by sharpening our foresight?  

For this year’s Summit, the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows have gathered leading practitioners and thinkers in foresight and associated disciplines to examine tough questions, seek novel solutions, and help us propel our foresight practices in the face of rapid changes.  

We’ll explore these questions…and more:  

  • How has the practice of foresight changed in response to our rapidly changing and complex environment? 
  • With current volatilities across sectors and geographies, how can we manage uncertainty more effectively? 
  • How can I adopt and adapt foresight to propel my practice and my organization’s preparedness? 
  • How can I address barriers and issues that affect foresight communication, adoption, and outcomes? 
  • What trends and factors should I consider to strengthen my foresight capabilities? 

Don’t miss leading experts and thought leaders discuss how they are navigating our uncharted paths in generating and managing foresight efforts – and how you can chart your path. Join us to Harness the Future. 

Why Attend This Event? 

Our current business and political environments is marked by rapid changes and uncertainty. Armed with foresight, managers and professionals can understand better not only current conditions and dynamics, but anticipate and prepare for changes and opportunities. This year’s CI Virtual Summit theme brings thought leaders and leading practitioners in foresight and competitive intelligence to explore current practices and issues in foresight. Join us and tap expertise and insights from notable industry executives to authors to practitioners in the foresight community! 

Who Should Attend?  

Managers, analysts, researchers, intelligence professionals and corporate executives who generate, apply, or wish to include foresight in their efforts.   

About the CI Summit Series

Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows’ virtual Summits are unlike other professional events or conferences. Each Summit dives into a theme that is vital to intelligence practice. Thoughtfully designed and produced by CI Fellows, we bring the intelligence mindset into the very arc and architecture of this event: we ask tough questions, challenge conventional thinking, and aim for outcomes. Your participation in a Summit expand your perspectives and propels your practices.

Each CI Summit begins with questions and viewpoints that seek to propel our intelligence practices beyond current conventions. Along the way, our summit sessions explore ideas, deeper questions, and solutions, with each day wrapping up with Summit takeaways. The Summit concludes with a discussion about actionable steps participants and the practice community can take to advance our intelligence capabilities.

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