The CI Summit: 2023

Competitive. Intelligence.

Transforming for New Realities

September . 27 & 28 . 2023

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Competition and Intelligence Are Changing.

Competitive intelligence (CI) practitioners face ongoing disruptions and new realities shaped by technological shifts, geopolitical changes, and new breakthroughs in disciplines including data science, psychology, and economics. What does this mean for competition? Or for Intelligence practices?

How can researchers, analysts, and decision-makers keep up with vast and rapid developments and disruptions – and harness them to embrace new opportunities, mitigate risks…and create new paradigms?

Join another ground-breaking CI Fellows Summit, as we explore questions that will shape the practices of CI, foresight, and leadership including:

How will generative AI and other technologies change CI and related practices? And how should they shape the industry and its capabilities?

● What do geopolitical shifts and a multipolar world mean to industries, competition, and strategies? What does competition represent in this environment? How can intelligence better support this?

● Will intelligence evolve to incorporate new understanding and developments in cognitive and behavioral sciences? Information ecosystems and digital content? Other ground-breaking discoveries?

Will our intelligence models and practices remain relevant?

Don’t miss leading experts, thought leaders, and cross-sector specialists discuss how competition and intelligence are evolving, how we can update intelligence and foresight practices, and how we can shape practices and tools for New Realities. 

Why Attend This Event? 

From geopolitical changes to technological advancements to developments in data, behavioral, and other science , competitive intelligence practitioners, analysts, and researchers across organizational functions face rapid and exponential changes in competition and the production of intelligence. Building on previous Summits themes of technology and foresight, we’re training our focus on what professionals engaged in competition and insights need to see, know, and do to succeed in environments of transformations. Join thought leaders and leading practitioners for another CI Summit that will expand your perspectives and propel your practices!

Who Should Attend?  

Managers, analysts, researchers, intelligence professionals and corporate executives who generate, apply, or wish to include foresight in their efforts.   

About the CI Summits

The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows launched The CI Summits to mark our 30th anniversary in 2020. Designed to be unlike other competitive intelligence events or conferences, The CI Summits bring together leading researchers, thinkers, and practitioners in CI and related disciplines to dive into a theme that is vital to advancing intelligence practice. Thoughtfully designed and produced by CI Fellows, we bring the intelligence mindset into the very arc and architecture of this event: we ask tough questions, challenge conventional thinking, and aim for outcomes. Your participation in a Summit expand your perspectives and propels your practices.

Each CI Summit begins with questions and viewpoints that seek to propel our intelligence practices beyond current conventions. Along the way, our summit sessions explore ideas, deeper questions, and solutions, with each day wrapping up with Summit takeaways. The Summit concludes with a discussion about actionable steps participants and the practice community can take to advance our intelligence capabilities.

Join thought leaders and leading practitioners — be a part of the conversations and drivers that shape competitive intelligence and related practices!

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