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Competitive. Intelligence.

Transforming for New Realities

September . 27 & 28 . 2023

Summit Features

This 4rd annual CI Summit builds from previous Summits to look at how competition and intelligence are changing with technological advancements, macroenvironmental changes, and industry shifts. We explore how competitive intelligence, research, and analysis should respond to these changes and how practitioners can help shape these changes to ensure sound and robust insights and foresight.

Key Note Speakers:

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Topics include:

  • Fireside Chat: Competing in an Era of New Realities.
  • Competitive. Intelligence. New Approaches in Transitions & Transformation.
  • Uncovering Tracks on Digital Trails: Lessons from Master Investigators.
  • Blinded by “Insight”? Intelligence Blind Spots & Biases…& How to Beat Them.
  • Trendspots and Hot Spots: How Global Events Shape Industry, Competition, and Competitive Intelligence.
  • OSINT in a Brave New Intelligence Cycle?
  • Human Intelligence, in an Artificial Intelligence World?
  • How to Play with Robot Analysts: Artificial Intelligence in CI Analysis.
  • Communicating Competitive Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Organizations.
  • The CI Practice of the Future…

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Summary of Partnership Benefits

Please note: There are only 8 Innovation Partnerships available. Innovation Partners enjoy their logo on the CI Fellows website and on our Summit platform, a customized booth in our Summit platform, with opportunities to engage prospects and the chance to add your videos. PLUS: 5 complimentary registrations, a discounted rate for your clients, and perpetual promotion in the event recording!  

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