FAQs about the #CIFellowsChat

What it is? It is a tweet chat that both Fellows and fans of the fellows can participate in via Twitter. Tweet chats are live discussions that take place on Twitter about a predetermined subject or topic. Tweets related to the discussion are marked with a hashtag (a word or phrase preceded by the # sign; an example is #CIFellowsChat).

What are we doing on this? It will serve as a conversational follow-up discussion to the (very active!) discussion that takes place during our webinars. Tweet chats are a wonderful forum for businesses and organizations to learn from dedicated and successful CI professionals like members of the Council of CI Fellows and to collaborate with their peers. They’re also a way for Fellows to promote CI and our ACME mission by offering advice and sharing your expertise on a topic.

Why are we doing this? Our webinars are one way to get some great ideas and share amongst the broader community. Our tweet chats allow us to expand those conversations/discussions and engagements with our fellow Fellows, and maybe more importantly – new CI friends, even further. It is a way to build awareness and demonstrate some influence in shaping conversations of interest in the CI community.

When will they occur? Our first one is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, February 6 at 12pm (noon) US EST. It will last up to an hour.  We plan these regularly to come in conjunction subsequent to future webinars to let the conversation continue. We will announce the dates and times for these chats on the CI Fellows Twitter page and on the CI Fellows calendar on our website.

What are you responding to? The host will be asking a limited set (usually about half a dozen) of questions.  For example, our February tweet chat host will be Fellow Craig Fleisher (on Twitter, he is @craigfleisher), who will be leading the discussion from The State of the CI Practice Community webinar. The host and the rest of the participants will respond to a question at a time, and after either a set number of minutes, or if the question has jumped the shark, we will move to the next one until we finish the last of the set for this tweet chat.

How do you participate? When you are logged into your Twitter account, you simply reply to the questions you see asked via Twitter. If you are replying to Q1-Qn (the “Q” is short for “Questions”), start your reply with A1-An (with the “A” being the abbreviated version for “Answers”). In each and every reply, be sure to include the hashtag #CIFellowsChat so that we can build the thread summaries of these for future reference. For those of you new/newer to Twitter, or new to tweet chats, we encourage you to review these tips for how to participate in the conversation.

Any questions about our TweetChat or other CI Fellows activities? Please feel free to e-mail Craig Fleisher @ craig.fleisher@aurorawdc.com or Cynthia Cheng Correia @ ccorreia@cifellows.com.