Selected Mentor Profiles

Our mentors include CI Fellows and practitioners who bring general and specialized expertise, decades of experience across sectors, and deep commitment to CI and related practices. Here are brief profiles of some of our mentors:

  • A four-decade veteran of competitive strategy (war games, strategy simulation, and workshops on strategic thinking) for major companies around the world, an oft-published author, and an unconventional person who can run a billion simulations before breakfast.
  • A CI veteran who has advised many of the globe’s top brands, former SCIP President, Exec. Editor of the Journal of CI & Management, and founder of the CI Foundation. Has written or edited numerous CI books. True passion is seeing motivated students prepare for becoming highly contributing intelligence practitioners, which scores have successfully done, in helping organizations make better informed, resource investment choices about their future.
  • A member of the firm’s leadership team since 2003, serves as an intelligence consultant to established and emerging corporations, non-profits, and other institutions within a diverse set of program and project circumstances. Takes pride in being accessible and creatively inspiring intelligence practitioners to be better.
  • Has extensive experience building and managing CI functions ranging from a world class team of analysts to a solo practitioner practice. Has hands-on experience running projects including tactical competitive analysis, competitive monitoring, win/loss, strategic analysis, technical teardowns, competitive marketing, sales enablement, product strategy, and war gaming.
  • 35 years of CI experience in corporate, nonprofit, consulting and training. Specializes in setting up CI programs, effective communication, win/loss analysis, elicitation techniques, opportunity analysis and cooperative intelligence. CI mentoring for 30 years.
  • Over 2 decades’ experience in CI practice, advising, and training leading companies and institutions. Helps propel practitioners and organizations through CI program & system development, training & competencies development, OSINT, issues analysis & scenario development, intelligence & disinformation defense, and minimizing biases in intelligence & decision-making.
  • Chair of Strategy at the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh.  A founding member of SCIP (1986), Editor of the Competitive intelligence Review, Meritorious award winner, international consultant and published extensively.