The practice of intelligence is vast, varied, and changing, involving a number of dimensions, specializations, approaches, and considerations. It requires a range of defined knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools of the trade. It relies in soft skills and understanding that takes experience and guidance to develop. It relies on people.

From the start, the competitive intelligence practice community has valued and relied on mentoring to expand, improve, and evolve our practices – and the community itself. Competitive Intelligence Fellows have been central to mentoring practitioners in order to foster the decades of growth in CI practice and to CI careers. To this day, mentoring remains a core aspect of the Competitive Intelligence Fellows’ mission.

Our Mentorship Program brings together practitioners interested in expanding their professional capabilities with experienced practitioners in various aspects of intelligence. We offer various forms and duration of mentoring designed with the specific needs and circumstances of practitioners in mind, including:

  • Career development
  • Career changes
  • Transitions between industries
  • Transitions between sectors (e.g. government to commercial)
  • Adapting intelligence to specific applications (e.g. commercial intelligence to nonprofits)

Whether you are interested in finding a mentor or becoming a mentor, learn more about opportunities for you.