Council Initiatives

The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows and its members are engaged in a range of initiatives aimed to support intelligence practices.  These include webinars, training activities, scholarships, publishing and much more. Find online and in-person appearances, conferences, and others professional development in our Events Calendar.

Our ACME Mission

CI Fellows also serve in the following roles when working with intelligence practitioners, intelligence customers, and the media:

Ambassadors & Champions

Fellows lead in representing the value proposition to CI executives and leaders, as well as advocate for the use of sound and ethical competitive intelligence practices and resources.


Fellows serve as a broad and experienced knowledge base to the CI community, provide thought leadership towards the continuous development of CI practices and tools, and guidance in a range of specialized areas of practice and industries.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Intelligence that supports strategy, planning, decision-making, and action is a cross-disciplinary practice that involves a range of functional and industry expertise. The Council’s members represent breadth and depth across these areas, and are active in the respective associations and organizations. The Council also partners with organizations to bring programming, guidance on CI education and professional development, and to share our members’ intelligence expertise.

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