Arjan Singh

Inducted into the CI Fellows in 2023

Arjan Singh has worked in Competitive Intelligence for over 27 years, working as an educator, in industry and as a consultant.

He is the creator of the Competitive Success Playbook that will be published by Forbes Books in April 2024. The Competitive Success Playbook helps companies build winning strategies by using a proven war game process to develop deep insights on their current and future competitive environment. The Competitive Success Playbook has been used by hundreds of companies globally.

He has advised 71 of Top 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 list (2022) in building winning strategies. He is an expert in helping companies develop data driven strategies through war games, strategic & competitive analysis, scenario planning and building business early warning systems that deliver significant business impact.

He currently teaches Marketing, Global Consulting and Competitive Intelligence & War Games at SMU COX School of Business, where he educates over a thousand students a year in his courses.