Rostyk Hursky

Director of Impact and Strategy, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation

Rostyk Husky was born in Ukraine and in 1992 together with his family, immigrated to Toronto.  After completing his degree in Sociology at the University of Toronto, and working in various industries, taking on different roles, in 2006 he and his wife Olesya moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where they’ve been living since. 

Beyond everything, Rostyk’s family is what drives and motivates his every day; however, there are many things Rostyk is passionate about including: music, volunteering and helping children in need, entrepreneurship and continual learning.  Professionally one of his passions has been to captivate an audience of decision-makers in understanding how collaborative intelligence and insights can influence and enable their organizational growth, better their decision-making and help avoid or deal with risks and uncertainty. 

Rostyk has been invited to numerous conferences, webinars and presentations as a thought leader and provocateur in Competitive and Market Intelligence; to discuss the growing and evolving field of Intelligence and its influences on the decision-maker.  Due to the profession still being relatively new to Canada, Rostyk’s focus has been on driving the growth and development of the intelligence function not only in the province of Saskatchewan where he resides but throughout the entire country.  Rostyk brings things he has learned globally and applies them to local and organization-specific challenges, in order to come up with real-time solutions.

Rostyk has written in a number of blogs and publications, with the most notible being his co-authored paper with Dr. Craig Fleisher in the South African Journal of Information Management on the topic of collaboration in the evolution of the intelligence practice. This paper was the most downloaded article for the journal in 2016 and to date has been viewed over 13,000 times.

Prior to joining the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation as the Director of Impact and Strategy, Rostyk helped establish and grow an intelligence team that was one of the first few in the world specifically structured for a Research and Technology Organization.  In 2013, Rostyk was recognized by the Institute of Public Administration as Saskatchewan’s Promising New Professional for his work in growth and development of Intelligence within the public service. 

Aside from his professional growth, together with his wife Olesya, Rostyk founded a non-profit organization “Stream of Hopes” through which they help over 4,000 sick, orphaned and disadvantaged children across Ukraine. 

Rostyk continually looks for ways, intelligence can collaborate with other functions and helps find creative and innovative ways for driving and implementing some type of intelligence-focused activities within organizations he interacts with.  Rostyk lives by the motto that nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.  By bringing people together and utilizing the best of what everyone can offer, we have the power to make real impacts, to influence real change, to make the world around us a better place.