Babette Bensoussan

The Decision-Making Maverick©

Babette Bensoussan is an internationally esteemed leader in the field of Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Strategy. Her credentials are built upon a long-standing series of outstanding achievements, both business and academic. She is Australia’s only awarded CI professional and is one of the most published business authors.

Throughout her career Babette has excelled as an entrepreneur, a consultant, a company director, a board member, an author, an academic and a business coach. Her commanding personal presence and impressive communication skills, in addition to her other accomplishments, award her the status of being one of the most internationally sought after corporate speakers on CI and Strategy.

In 1992, Babette founded the MindShifts Group, a leading consulting company specialising in Competitive Intelligence and Strategy. As company director Babette has led the MindShifts Group through over 300 projects with Australian and Fortune 500 companies. Her skills and expertise have been successfully applied to a huge range of industries, and her clients have included (but are not limited to) aerospace, information technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and financial services companies.  In 2006 Babette was the recipient of the SCIP Meritorious Award, the world’s most prestigious award in the field of Competitive Intelligence. She was the first international and only Australian recipient of this prize.

In addition to providing her talent and experience to her clients, Babette has a strong passion for sharing her uniquely honed expertise with others. She has co-authored five critically acclaimed and popular books on Competitive Intelligence and Strategy. Two of her titles, Analysis Without Paralysis and Business and Competitive Analysis, remain the world’s number one and two best selling titles on Competitive Intelligence. She also has extensive academic credentials, and has held teaching positions at many of Australia’s leading universities and business schools. She is currently an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Babette’s talent, experience and dedication to teaching and communicating have resulted in her coaching and mentoring sessions proving to be an invaluable source of support and inspiration to leaders, employees and anyone with a keen interest in business strategy.