Honorees Expertise Spans Decades, are Honored with Accolades

Derek Johnson, President of The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows (CI Fellows), announced  the induction of six professionals into the 2023 Class of CI Fellows.

“As the Council takes tremendous pride and honor in recognizing each year the most significant long-term contributors to our field of Competitive Intelligence, it is my honor to see us recognize six people who have been ambassadors, champions, mentors, and educators (ACME) to me and so many others  throughout the years,” said Derek Johnson, President of the Council of CI Fellows in 2023. 

Inductees include 

“Living to the ACME mantra seems to come quite naturally for Laurie, Christophe, Arjan, Jay, Jonathan, and Jim. I’m excited all six of our very deserving inductees in this year’s class have received this recognition, and most excited to leverage their talents to continue – as the Council – to lift the profile of what Competitive Intelligence can do in support of enabling business decisions.” 

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The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization. Our mission is to sustain and foster the CI discipline in two fundamental ways: in service to the profession and in service to the professional in commercial, non-profit and educational establishments. Through roles as Ambassadors, Champions, Mentors, and Educators, the Council’s Fellows provide thought leadership, educational guidance, and awareness of sound intelligence practices to competitive intelligence and related fields to support and propel our industries, organizations, and professional communities. Our Fellows span the globe, across the Americas, EMEA, and Australasia. For over 30 years, CI Fellows are nominated and selected annually based on their contributions towards the advancement of CI practices and the CI discipline. 


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