CI Fellows July Webinar: AI, AI Everywhere…How Will It Change CI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere. AI and big data analytics have already significantly and irreversibly changed most industries. How are they impacting competitive intelligence? Join
Dr. Fred Hoffman and CI Fellow Dr. Shelly Freyn as they present, “The Future of Competitive Intelligence in an AI-enabled World,” and discuss questions like:

  • How will the promise and hype of big data and AI impact the CI profession?
  • How will upcoming changes compare to earlier Information Age technological developments like digitization of corporate data, broadband Internet, social media, and open source intelligence that enabled competitive intelligence (CI) practitioners to proliferate?
  • How can CI practitioners adapt to not only survive, but even prosper, in an AI-enabled world?
  • How can education prepare future analysts for these evolutionary changes?

Register and join this discussion on Wednesday, July 29th, from 12:00-1:00 PM US/Canada ET; 4:00-5:00 PM GMT!