CI Fellows June Webinar: CI & Navigating Social Change

2020 has become the year of the unexpected. The pandemic caused major disruptions in working environments, global commerce, and economies. Intelligence practitioners have helped our organizations navigate these uncharted waters and we did it quickly.

Now, people and countries across the globe are confronting racism and organizations are responding for their customers, their brands, their employees, future recruiting, and marketing. How are we helping to understand what’s ahead? How do experienced intelligence practitioners help our organizations and clients navigate through this social change? How do we advise decisions makers? Join us, as we explore these issues and discuss how, through intelligence, we can….

  • Track and understand rapidly evolving issues and responses from the public, our customers, lawmakers.
  • Help managers reflect on how their brand is viewed by targeted segments, potential buyers, and prospective employees.
  • Help our organizations minimize biases that can lead to unintended public reactions.  

…and bring your own questions!

Register and join this discussion on Wednesday, June 24th, from 12:00-1:00 PM US/Canada ET; 4:00-5:00 PM GMT!