CI Fellows June Webinar: ROI of Win/Loss Analysis: Reflections from Two Veterans

You will not find a competitive intelligence practice that has a greater Return on Investment than Win/Loss analysis. Win/Loss analysis is an almost real-time feedback mechanism to tell the business and decision makers what is resonating (or not) with customers. It delivers clear guidance on what the business needs to do to improve their offerings, capabilities and processes. Particularly in B2B settings, if done right, Win/Loss analysis delivers critical insight to all stakeholders and decision makers inside the business.

Ellen Naylor and August Jackson are two veteran Win/Loss practitioners. Join us for a free-form conversation and Q&A consisting of three (3) decades of Win/Loss lessons learned and advice. Ellen will share her perspective as a practitioner, consultant and author working in diverse B2B industries. August will share his experience as a practitioner in dynamic B2B markets.

Topics include:

  • How to conduct an effective Win/Loss interview
  • The politics of Win/Loss and role of Sales in the process
  • Why organization skills and EQ are essential in Win/Loss
  • Balancing qualitative insight with quantitative data
  • How CRM, collaboration platforms, and desktop video conferencing are transforming Win/Loss