CI Fellows Launch the Global Practices Webinars Series!

The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows is pleased to announce the start of our webinars series featuring perspectives and practices from around the world!

As CI expands and evolves, it’s important — even vital — to expand our attention to CI practices across the globe. The global nature of business, policy, and other important factors that affect strategy, competition, and decision-making continues to shape how CI is practiced. CI today also requires global perspectives, local understanding, and the ability to manage multiple viewpoints in generating intelligence and insights, as well as support decision-making. To build awareness in global practices and to facilitate how practitioners exchange and learn techniques and tools, the Council is pleased to gather CI Fellows and practitioners from around the world to discuss how they work, share perspectives, and offer insights and tips…

Join us on February 20, 5-6 pm GMT / Noon -1pm US ET as Competitive Intelligence Fellows Luis Madureira, Rostyk Hursky, and special guest SCIP UK Chapter Chair Graeme Dixon kick-off the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows’ Global Practices Series! In Global Perspectives: The Canadian, Portuguese and United Kingdom Communities of Practice, our speakers will share their perspectives and practices in their respective countries, and discuss their international experiences. Register now!