Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows Launches New Webinars Series

Webinars feature discussions and insights from CI Fellows & guests

Beginning January 2019, the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows is launching a monthly webinar series that dives into topics and issues important to practitioners. Each webinar will feature in-depth discussions and perspectives from CI Fellows, expert guests, and audience members.

Join us for our first event, “The State of the Practice Community: Where Are We & How Do We Grow?” on Wednesday, January 30! Part of the CI 20/20 Series, this event features CI Fellows Cynthia Cheng Correia and Dr. Craig S. Fleisher as they discuss

  • How the CI community has evolved.
  • How it is supporting intelligence practices and the CI “field.”
  • How it can support practices.
  • How practitioners can keep current in their practices, maintain situational awareness about CI.
  • How practitioners can take more effective action in the evolution of intelligence.

Check our Events Calendar for new webinar topics each month!