Call for Nominations: CI Fellows

We are happy to announce that the call for nominations to the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows is now open! If you know of a practitioner who has made significant contribution to competitive intelligence discipline, please consider nominating this individual. Please review the selection criteria, below, and submit your nomination by Friday, June 15, 2018.


Requirements of Fellowship

Candidate shares our principles and behaviors, including, but not limited to:

  • Be willing, able, and has a strong desire to continue to support to the discipline of competitive intelligence
  • Represent the core principles of the Council (i.e., ACME mission) and not engage in efforts that could diminish, weaken or otherwise harm the Council, its mission, the overall CI discipline, or those being served
  • Advance, nurture, and promote the intelligence discipline
  • Has contributed and will continue to contribute to intelligence knowledge through original research, publication, and/or presentations
  • Has applied new intelligence knowledge in practical and valuable ways
  • Is viewed as a valuable source of intelligence expertise and experience by others in the field
  • Candidate is an active participant in the competitive intelligence discipline for five years or more
  • Candidate is practicing (or has practiced) the intelligence discipline in an ethical manner


Nomination for Fellowship

Candidate has an individual willing to nominate the candidate and submit a complete nomination package with supporting materials.

Candidate has one other individual, including a current Participating CI Fellow, who personally attests to the importance of the candidate’s contribution to the discipline.

After submitting the nomination, the nominator will be contacted by the Selection Committee, which will also evaluate candidates for Fellowship. Results will be announced at the end of August.